Five Diverse Female Superheroes

Theodora Girls STEAM dolls are a set of five high-quality luxury 15” dolls that are made with care and love. Each doll has a unique superpower that helps them on their adventures. Silla the Scientist is Asian American, Tyriqa the Technologist is Black American, Elaine the Engineer is Caucasian American, Antonia the Artist is Latin American, and Maalika the Mathematician is Indian American.

Meet Our

Silla is a sensational Scientist with the superpower, Clarity. Silla loves to explore and experiment, always asking questions and seeking answers. She inspires young girls to be curious and pursue their interests in science.

Tyriqa is a tenacious Technologist with the superpower, Decisiveness. Tyriqa is a problem-solver who loves to tinker with gadgets and machines. She encourages young girls to explore the world of technology.

Elaine is an exquisite Engineer with the superpower, Confidence. Elaine uses her Confidence to explore the world around her and discover new things. Elaine inspires young girls to believe in themselves and pursue their interests in engineering.

Antonia is an assertive Artist with the superpower, Courage. Antonia is a creative soul who loves to express herself through art. She encourages young girls to embrace their artistic side and use it as a means of self-expression.

Maalika is a motivated Mathematician with the superpower, Balance. Maalika loves numbers and patterns and enjoys solving complex math problems. She inspires young girls to embrace their love for math.

Why Aspire To

Why Aspire To Science?

Why Aspire To Science?

Science is a field that offers countless benefits for girls aspiring to a career in it. Engaging in scientific pursuits provides girls with the opportunity to explore their curiosities, discover new knowledge, and contribute to solving real-world problems. Science encourages critical thinking, analytical skills, and a deep understanding of the world around us. It allows girls to become lifelong learners, continuously expanding their horizons and pushing the boundaries of what is known. Additionally, a career in science opens doors to collaboration with diverse teams, fostering creativity and innovation. By pursuing a career in science, girls can become agents of change, making groundbreaking discoveries, advancing society, and inspiring future generations of young girls to embark on their own scientific journeys.
Why Aspire To Technology?

Why Aspire To Technology?

I like technology because it presents a world of exciting opportunities and immense potential for personal and societal growth. Technology permeates every aspect of our lives, shaping the way we communicate, work, and solve problems. By pursuing a career in technology, girls can become architects of the digital age, creating innovative solutions and shaping the future. Technology offers a platform for girls to express their creativity, think outside the box, and develop groundbreaking ideas that can positively impact millions. Moreover, the tech industry is constantly evolving, providing a dynamic and fast-paced environment that thrives on diversity and inclusion. By breaking down gender barriers, girls can bring fresh perspectives, unique insights, and transformative changes to the field. A career in technology empowers girls to be at the forefront of innovation, to drive positive change, and to contribute to building a more inclusive and connected world.
Why Aspire To Engineering?

Why Aspire To Engineering?

I aspire to be an engineer because it offers an incredible opportunity to shape the world, we live in. Engineering is about problem-solving, creativity, and making a tangible impact on society. By becoming engineers, girls can contribute to building sustainable infrastructure, developing groundbreaking technologies, and improving people's lives. Engineering encourages girls to think critically, analyze complex systems, and devise innovative solutions to challenges. It is a field that values diverse perspectives and welcomes collaboration, allowing girls to work alongside brilliant minds from different backgrounds. By pursuing a career in engineering, girls can break barriers, challenge stereotypes, and inspire future generations. They have the power to create a future that is safer, more efficient, and more inclusive for all. With engineering, girls can unleash their imagination, embrace their passion for innovation, and become trailblazers in shaping a better world for everyone.
Why Aspire To The Arts?

Why Aspire To The Arts?

I aspire to the arts because it offers a powerful platform for self-expression, creativity, and storytelling. The arts encompass a wide range of disciplines, including visual arts, music, theater, dance, and more. Engaging in the arts allows girls to tap into their innermost emotions, ideas, and perspectives, and share them with the world in unique and captivating ways. Through artistic endeavors, girls can inspire, provoke thought, and foster empathy and understanding among diverse audiences. The arts also provide a means to challenge societal norms, break down barriers, and advocate for important social issues. A career in the arts opens doors to collaboration, connecting with fellow artists, and building vibrant communities. It nurtures resilience, adaptability, and an unwavering belief in one's creative abilities. By pursuing a career in the arts, girls can make a profound impact, bringing beauty, meaning, and positive change to the world while leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of others.
Why Aspire To Mathematics?

Why Aspire To Mathematics?

Girls should aspire to become mathematicians because mathematics is a fascinating and empowering field that unlocks a world of possibilities. Mathematics is the language of patterns, logic, and problem-solving, providing a framework for understanding the fundamental laws that govern our universe. By delving into mathematics, girls can sharpen their critical thinking skills, cultivate abstract reasoning, and develop a deep appreciation for precision and accuracy. A career in mathematics offers opportunities to tackle complex real-world challenges, ranging from scientific research and data analysis to cryptography and algorithm development. Mathematicians have the power to unravel mysteries, make predictions, and contribute to advancements in various fields, including technology, finance, and medicine. By breaking gender barriers in mathematics, girls can help create a more diverse and inclusive landscape, fostering innovation and fresh perspectives. As mathematicians, girls can be trailblazers, problem solvers, and thought leaders, leaving their mark on the world through the elegance and beauty of numbers.

The Theodora Girls S.T.E.A.M. dolls are a fantastic way to inspire young girls to explore the world of science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math. Each doll has a unique superpower that helps them on their adventures, and they come with an 8-page sticker activity book that encourages children to learn about different S.T.E.A.M. concepts.


How Our Dolls Work ?

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What peoples say about us?

"It's incredible to see the impact these dolls have on my daughter’s development. In a world where quality and educational value are paramount, Theodora S.T.E.A.M. Girls dolls stand out. They are not just dolls with stickers; they are companions on a journey of exploration and learning. I wholeheartedly recommend these dolls to anyone who wants to provide their child with the best in play and education."
Natalee Rose
"The level of craftsmanship that goes into these dolls is truly impressive. From the intricately designed clothing to the wonderfully cute facial features, and sparkly eyes, it's evident that Theodora S.T.E.A.M. Girls dolls are created with love and care..”
Bobby J
“I love the design details! All of the dolls are SUPER adorable, high quality. I have twin girls and they both fell in love with these dolls. The sticker activity book is well done and loads of fun and educational. Thank you, Theodora S.T.E.A.M. Girls, for making such a wonderful set of beautiful dolls!”
Mary Stella
"I love how each doll comes with its own backstory and a unique set of accessories that encourage creativity and learning. My daughter has not only developed a strong bond with her Theodora doll but has also become more curious about science, arts, and technology"
Beth Portofino
“We love our Maalika dol! It arrived in a gorgeous box that is well designed. Maalika is magnificently designed Indian doll. My daughter loves that she comes with a sari. I am so impressed with attention to details and lovely math patterns. This is a high quality doll for sure. I love that it came with a sticker book which is so well designed and a wonderful introduction to learning math. A nice fun and educational toy.”
Jane Patel
"What sets these dolls apart is their commitment to promoting STEAM education among young girls. These dolls are more than just playthings; they're inspiring future scientist, engineers, and innovators. My girls truly love their fashionable clothes shiny shoes and sparkling eyes."
Jillian Holiday
“As a child development expert and mother of 3 young girls, I was so impressed with Theodora S.T.E.A.M. Girls dolls. They are all high quality, soft and luxurious. These dolls certainly stand out amongst all my daughters’ other dolls. I love that they all have a superpower and aspirations for S.T.E.A.M.”
Sarah Miller
I just had to share my excitement about Theodora S.T.E.A.M. Girls dolls! These dolls are not your average toys; they are high-quality masterpieces with an incredible eye toward detail. As a parent who values both playtime and education, I couldn't be happier with my purchase.”
Abigayle Fredricks