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Ting! It’s “Dress up your Dolls’ o’clock!  Here’s the thing about dolls: they’re more than just toys. In fact, they are blank canvases waiting for your creativity to explode! If you have been doll-obsessed, or your child loves dolls, you both have gotten the privilege of a beautiful childhood.  Dressing up dolls has always been...
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Potential Barriers for Girls in STEM

STEM is far more vast than mere calculations and laboratory experiments. But with this broad perspective, why is it still a barrier for girls to pursue their STEM careers? Yes, sadly! Gender often becomes a roadblock for girls to thrive in this tech-driven world. There are multiple reasons that can lead to this unjust! But...
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The Scientific Power of Adventure Books: Fostering Growth in Young Readers

A good adventure story can draw kids into a world they might otherwise never explore.  Through the captivating narratives, they forge emotional connections with the characters, sharing in their successes and challenges. These stories take our kids to far-off lands they’ve only dreamed of and make them feel brave and curious. As for STEAM adventure...
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7 Things about STEAM that Every Parent Should Know

As parents, we keep on seeking different ways to engage our children in both social diversity and educational exploration. Well, look no further than STEAM toys. STEAM toys refer to toys that facilitate interests and passions towards learning and leveraging skills required to pursue STEAM careers. Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics are the diverse...
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Choosing Kids’ Toys: Why the children in your life need a Theodora doll in theirs!

We all understand that play is not about having fun only; it’s how children explore the world, develop essential skills, and make sense of their experiences. Expert says play is incredibly important for kids’ growth and learning.  It helps kids to plunge themselves into activities that bring them happiness and satisfaction, which in turn boost...
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The Outstanding Benefits of doll Activity Books for Kids

The early stage of childhood development is often marked by continuous learning and growth. As children become more curious and eager to explore their surroundings, it is time they begin to develop foundational skills such as counting, recognizing shapes and colors, and understanding cause and effect. Additionally, they learn to interact with others, regulate their...